Friday, September 29, 2006

Bahia de Jiquilisco

One arm guy

The view of the volcanoes around us was stunning.

On the way back we stopped to get something to eat in what it seemed a little village in the bay.

We parked the watercraft and one guy offered to keep an eye on it for some cents [Do that in Madrid ...ha!.] His honest smile made us trust him instantly .
He had only one arm. I asked my friend why, and he replied that maybe it was because the war.

El Salvador had 20 years of civil war, the peace talks started around 1992, so the war is long finished. Two parties were at war, the right wing Arena funded and full supported by the USA, and the socialist FMNL.
Pretty much the same history like everywhere elses in Central and south America.

People seem to want to forget about it, and there was no hate I felt from anyone I asked curiously about.
They are just trying to forget and get over it.
They really deserve it.
We had some great fish, Ceviche, which is cooked with lemon. Lots of food in El Salvador is cooked with it. One guy came to the table offering some fresh 'Jaivas' They looked like crabs to me.
Jaivas [Crabs]

On the way back to Sta. Tecla in San Salvador, near where Tony lives, we had a little accident with the jeep, with two other cars were in front of us.

According to El Salvador traffic rules, you can’t move the car there until the police comes, so we had to wait for about 1 hour. All this about 6 pm when everybody is driving home, so we did start a good traffic jam. One of the cars involved in the accident was owned by a girl who didn’t have insurance at all. Seems it’s optional over there. She was the niece of a well-known police officer so I guess she was OK.

My friend said he worked for the Spanish embassy [He doesn’t] , so no alcohol test was needed.
Police seemed surprisingly great and nice with us. They leaved after take their report.

So we rang a car crane and put the Jeep to rest too.

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