Friday, September 29, 2006

The sand colour was beautiful

Beach on the way to El Zonte.

'El Sunzal' and 'El Zonte'-El Salvador

I wanted to go to 'El Sunzal' and 'El Zonte', the still undiscovered, surf spots in the 'Departamento de la Libertad'. One of the 10 best surf beaches in the world apparently.

They arent well-known yet, although you get the odd surfer coming from wherever in the world. I couldn’t blame them, the waves were fantastic!

My friend was busy this day because of work, so he offered me one of his employees, Manuel, as a guide who would give me a lift anywhere with his van.

We left in the morning with Ana, Tony's girlfriend.

The road goes all the way through the Pacific coast with a beautiful scenery 'Carretera Litoral' . The heights gave us a good chance to take some photos. It was so virgin and unspoiled that I wished it will always remain like that. No hotels to be seen, no tall buildings, no crowds on the beach, only the odd wee village.

We stopped on the road and bought some 'Anonas' a dozen for one dollar. I’d never seen them before, but they tasted delicious!

El Salvador’s beaches are different from the Atlantic ones. They have their own personality and beauty.
The coast line is pure thick jungle followed by black beautiful coloured volcanic sand and then just pristine clear waters. You get loads of weird shells in the sand. I couldn’t resist taking some with me.

We stayed at Casa Frida to get something to eat. Its owned by a Catalan man called Manel. It wasnt cheap really but food was good. More delicious crab soup, and few Bahia lagers.

The Pacific Ocean was calling me.

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