Friday, September 29, 2006

Guatemala-Honduras Border

We woke up about 6 or 7 am. I was unsure about Eric turning up. We had a few the night before, and he probably was still sleeping.

I would.

Palm tree forests

But when we were loading our bags into the jeep there he was! He brought a bag full of weed wrapped in a plastic bag! [Think in a Tesco one].
I didn’t pay more than a ‘fiver’ for it in the Guatemala currency Quetzals

[1 USD = 7.592 GTQ.]

Nice one!

Now it was time to get the watercraft and head to Honduras. Tela and 'Triunfo de la Cruz'. The Garifuna community was waiting for us.

We got through the Guatemala-Honduras Customs.

We had to park and pay about $3 . There were lots of people queuing, we didnt know why, but it went pretty quick for us. Then it’s when I just remembered, oops!, we had the weed in the car. The film 'Midnight Express' quickly came to my mind.

But everything was fine. Police only smiles here.

They only asked for the papers of the watercraft [Again]. We were told there are lots of stolen cars brought in from the USA to sell here.

Tony laughing said that in case we were caught, there is always 'La Mordida' a little bribe the police normally should accept.
There were loads of young people offering local currency exchange.

My friend was dealing with one of them. I took some photos while they were ‘busy’.

Border Police Offices

Antonio Blanco Rodriguez [Tony] getting the best deal

Its not that much!

We needed some 'Lempiras' anyway [Honduras currency].

Lempira [2 USD= 40 L.]

Honduras Border
End Of Part 6

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