Friday, September 29, 2006

Jiquilisco Bay


Jiquilisco Bay Map

Estero bay

Time for a well deserved refreshment

View from the watercraft in the middle of the river

It was time now to put the Watercraft to rest. We had so much fun with it, and we have been so noticeable everywhere too!

We left early one morning to Jiquilisco Bay on the Pacific sea. They call it 'estero' here, where the sea gets into the land.
Looks like a river but it isn’t.

Some parts were as beautiful and wild as in 'Lago Izabal'. Lots of jungle. There were also tons of weird birds and even caymans, althought we didn’t see any.
They might have been scared by the watercraft!

Tony has a membership with 'Barillas Marina Club', a club for posh people from San Salvador I guess. It’s located in Usultan, right in the middle of the Bay. He rented a place there to store the watercraft in when he’s not using it.

The club was empty, maybe because it was too early, maybe because it wasn’t a weekend. I bought 12 Corona beer [One of my favourite beers], a bag full of ice, and some sun lotion [my skin was starting to get really really fucked up].

We put all the gear [beers included] on the watercraft and we left trying to reach the Pacific Ocean in Usulutan.

We noticed another sandbank in the middle of the bay, but this time we were ok, weather was good and sand was a bit deeper than the one in Livingstone.

We stopped there for a drink&smoke. It felt weird we could walk over the water!

Tony Blanco walked on the water La La La.....

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